Lars Müller was born in Oslo in 1955, and although a Norwegian citizen, has been based in Switzerland since 1963.

After an apprenticeship as a graphic designer in Zurich 1974– 1979, study visits to the United States, and a stay in Holland, where he assisted Wim Crouwel at Total Design, Lars Müller returned to Switzerland in 1982 and established his studio in Baden, near Zurich. His early years as a designer were seminally influenced by his close friendship with the constructivist artist Richard Paul Lohse and the graphic designer Josef Müller- Brockmann. This has led to Müllerʼs long-standing preference for straightforward, functional design.

Since 1996, Müller has been a partner of Integral Concept,an interdisciplinary design group active in Paris, Milan, Zurich, Berlin, and Montreal with which he has created visual identities for NGOs and institutions focused on cultural, social, and ecological concerns, as well as acting as a consultant in communication.

In 1983, Müller started publishing books on typography, design, art, photography, and architecture and, as Lars Müller Publishers, has to date produced some 400 titles. Recently, he has branched out into visually oriented books on social issues, such as human rights and ecology. Many books are initiated and published by Müller himself and most of them have been designed in his own studio. He has authored the publications Josef Müller-Brockmann, Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design (1996) and Helvetica– Homage to a Typeface (2002).

A passionate educator, Lars Müller has taught at various universities in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe. In his lectures he calls for a political consciousness and a sense of social responsibility among designers. He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design since 2009.

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